Amsterdam-based DJ Sentilo brings an energy stuffed and clever shaped blend of electro and deephouse to the tables, that blows the roof off every club.

Sentilo’s sound is warm, ultra-dansable and stuffed with unifying happy vibes. He’s the ultimate dj to serve his crowd what they are looking for: to dance and feel good. With a style that ranges from smooth deephouse to euforic electro, Sentilo manages to take any floor by the hand and bring them from zero to 100% party mode.

At numerous locations in Amsterdam Sentilo proved to be a dedicated crowd pleaser, always keeping his eyes at the dancefloor and anticipating the energy. A true perfectionist and dedicated professional, he is always on the lookout for tracks that have his signature sound.
Sentilo promises to surprise even more in 2016 with some prestigious bookings already scheduled.

Check Sentilo's WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.

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