Pioneer We-Go 3 review

Pioneer We-Go 3 review

Here's our review of the Pioneer We-Go 3 dj-set, which is the most affordable set the brand offers. Still, it works like a charm to perform at (semi) professional gigs!

In de video above, our talent coach Roeland reviews the We-Go 3 and answers these questions:
- What is the added value of this player?
- What does it do?
- For who is this best suited?

Since dj'ing with Spotify and affordable gear is getting more in-demand, we offer a special iPAD DJ LESSON. It includes working with the We-Go.

The We-Go is an easy-to-use dj-set, which gives you the chance to be mixing tracks from your own library but also straight from Spotify. It truly does everything you need to make proper mixes between tracks in every genre and we are amazed by the usability of this affordable piece of gear. The player costs around 300 euros.

Look at Tonecontrol's shop for more info on the We-Go and don't forget your discount when you are a student at our school.

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