Pioneer XDJ-1000 review

Pioneer XDJ-1000 review

Pioneer introduced an important new piece of equipment. The XDJ-1000 is a stand-alone USB-player that a lot of our talents will be interested in.

In de video above, our talent coach Roeland reviews the XDJ-1000 and answers these questions:
- What is the added value of this player?
- What does it do?
- For who is this best suited?

The XDJ-1000 is a truly great USB-player looking at the price/value comparison with the more expensive players like the CDJ-2000Nexus.

The lack of a CD-drive aside, the touch-screen and Qwerty-touchpad create an even better workflow than a lot of Pioneer's more expensive models. The player costs just under 1000 euros.

Look at Tonecontrol's shop for more info on the XDJ-1000 and don't forget your discount when you are a student at our school.

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