Be prepared for any set!

Be prepared for any set!

A lot of dj's nowadays prepare a fixed setlist. We encourage our talents to be prepared for the unexpected, rather than to prepare a full set.

In an early stage of the Basis Cursus or Basic Course DJ we teach you to be able to adjust to what happens on the dancefloor. To do so, you need to work on a track collection that is build up in energy levels. Such a structure enables you to look for tracks that are equal, higher or lower in energy than the track that is playing.

So, in our philosophy a collection structured by alphabet or even worse, by date, doesn't serve you to do the best you can as a dj. Just as a fixed playlist can keep you from creating momentum.

Or, as our talent coach Olivier says: ,,The first time I made a fixed list was at a gig that was really important to me. Already at track one I realised I wasn't anticipating the dancefloor's response. To play a set that fitted the moment much better, I had to throw the whole set upside down. I decided I never would prepare one sole mix ever again. Ever since, I rely on my instinct and the structure of my collection''.

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