Alexander Nijmolen

Alexander Nijmolen

DJ/Producer Alexander Nijmolen maneuvers between bright ambient lines and deep Dub Techno chords. He can build a smooth soundscape for a lounge setting but can also turn any tech-minded club upside down.

Maintaining a career as a sounddesigner for multiple prominent TV broadcasters, Alexander can lean on an extenisve musical background. While still in his early years of spinning, this gives his work a unique mindfulness and depth. His TV-roots can clearly be heard in the cinematic touch he adds to his sets.

When adapting to a lounge setting, Ambient-chillout and related genres fill his smooth served musical dish. But, when Alexander has to step on the gas, his attractive and always smooth tech sounds can keep the floor filled all night long.

Check Alexander Nijmolen on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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