14/12/18: Vuurdoop ‘Eclectic’ @ Louis Davids

14/12/18: Vuurdoop ‘Eclectic’ @ Louis Davids

Een nieuwe editie van VUURDOOP, het podium waarop onze talenten zichzelf lanceren. Dit keer met onze all-round talenten in Café Louis Davids in Amsterdam-Zuid.

14 DECEMBER 2018 || 30 Minuten per DJ || 10 DJ's || Van house tot R&B || Wie is de nieuwe Allround Kroonprins(es) van Amsterdam?? ||

Bar Café Louis-Davids is de nieuwe venue voor onze allround-talenten om te shinen. Op vrijdag 14 december is de kick-off en DJ School Get Together waarbij ruim 10 van onze grootste talenten in een korte mix alles geven wat ze te bieden hebben.

Met onder meer Jaimy Jansen, Maaik Nubia, Marcia Koopmans, Nathalie Texel, Tim Van Den Broek en meer! Line-up volgt spoedig!

Bar Café Louis Davids, Rijnstraat 254
Gratis Entree

DJ School Amsterdam offers every ambitious student the possibillity to play live. This is crucial to their development and an essential part of our courses. Our talents play at a wide variety of stages, ranging from low-key bars to the most prestigious clubs in Amsterdam.

Our first self-hosted Club Night was in 2010. We both organise our own events, and host stages at prime club nights and festivals. Between 2010 and 2018 we did 55 events on which over 200 of our talents performed.

Seeing our talents perform at our Club Nights is the highlight of our work as teachers. They climb the stage with a beating heart and usually get the real kick of performing after a few mixes. They are very often nothing but euphoric when they walk offstage again.

Performing live brings so many new insights to the learning curve of the students. They see what their music does to people and how it sounds on high volumes. Their song choice is critically received and they get the feel of anticipating an audience. Many times, after the first live gig, our students book another package of lessons to furtherenhance their skills to a level where they can fully control the dancefloor.

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