Intro DJ

Intro DJ

From €65 - 60 min

The individual Intro Lesson is the way to experience the great thrill of djing. You get acquainted with our personal and professional approach and our high quality teaching methodes.
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From €65 - 60 min

When you fill in the form we will get in touch with you within 24 hours on weekdays.

Number of perticipants
1 person (€59* - €95**)2 persons (€75* - €140**)3 persons (€125* - €185**)

*60 minutes**90 minutes

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Your lesson can be planned at weekdays from 10:00am till 10:00 pm and on saturdays from 10:00am till 5:00pm.

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Who are we?

Inspiring in discovering, developing and sharing your musical personality is our drive. Our goal is to enrich you with more knowledge, ability's and positive vibes. If you want to know more about our methods take a look here.

Tuned to you

If your young and have dj's as your idols, or you are an adult music lover that wants to do more with your passion, the Intro lesson offers a complete experience of what the dj profession is about. Your personal coach will get you acquainted with our curriculum and with the dj gear you will be working with.



During the Intro Lesson you will get to know our BIG FOUR learning strategy. You will learn to recognize musical structures and make your first drop- and beatmixes. At the end of the lesson you will be able to make a decent mix between two records and probably be hooked to this great profession.


Taylor made advise

During the Intro Lesson you will get a clear view on available dj gear that you could buy to develop your skills. We will advise you on the best buy within your budget. DJ School Amsterdam gives you a discount of 5% on all your gear at Tonecontrol.


Next step: Stage 1

Did the Intro Lesson wake up your passion for djing? Than your next step is Stage 1 or complete DJ Courses.

High-end facility's

Our studio's are acoustically isolated according to the highest standards and feature professional PA and recording systems, atmospheric lightning and airco. Thanks to our partnering with Tonecontrol we always have the latest in dj equipment, but the Technics 1200MK2's are also still present. You can always bring your own gear.


transparant, easy and reliable

Besides tuning the intro lesson content to your wishes and goals we make things simple and convenient for you in every way. Plan your lessons at night or during daytime on days that suit you. Booking the intro lesson is simple and save with IBAN and IDEAL payment. If you need more information you are welcome to visit us for a free orientational meeting and guided tour.
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Officially acknowledged institute

DJ School Amsterdam is acknowledged by the Dutch gouvernement as an official educational institute

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