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About us

DJ School Amsterdam is the institute were inspiring you to discover, develop and share your musical personality is our mission.

We are here for everyone with a passion for music, talents and professionals that want to get the best out of them selves. With our unique individual coaching-methods and curriculum we offer the benchmark in professional dj- and producer education.

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Who are we?

DJ School Amsterdam was founded by the brothers Meijs in 2007. After more than ten years of rocking dance-floors in clubs they discovered that transferring knowledge was even more inspirational and satisfying than transferring their music to their audience.

Using their musical and social skills they build a team of professionals and created a method in which personal expression, high quality musical development in a positive inspirational environment are the key elements. Every year more than a 1000 students from over 30 countries visit us to to discover, develop and share their unique sound.


For a full profile on the team look at our TEAM page

What drives us?

Our passion for great music and sharing the sensation that music can provide is why we love to do what we do. Our goal is to enrich every individual student with knowledge, skills and a smile on there face. We strive towards raising the level of dj-ing across the globe by enriching it with true dj professionals.


Our method

We feel every student has it's own musical personality and the best way to development it is to use an individual approach. We are convinced that customized education makes learning an inspirational and enjoyable proces and therefore is the most efficient.

The structure and content of our courses is based on our BIG FOUR learning strategy. You learn most by experiencing, that's why at DJ School Amsterdam a teacher is called a coach and you and not your coach stands behind the dj booth.


Our facilities

Our high-end club-studio's have been designed to make you feel as if you are already playing in a club. You feel the bass pumping through high-end PA systems and work with only the best and latest dj gear.
We work with only A brands like Pioneer, Allen & Heath and Native Instruments. In our producer studio's you get to work with gear and sofware by Ableton, Logic, Beyer dynamic, Rode, Eve Audio, AKAI, KRK en Focusrite.

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Performing live

During the courses we want you to perform live as soon as possible by practicing in our club-studio's, and by performing at several clubs in Amsterdam.
During stage 2 you will experience the kick of playing live at our Talent-Night. During stage 3 you will play at our Club Night and you will be included in our network of dj’s, clubs and labels. When you are able to share your music publicly on a regular basis we feel our mission is accomplished.

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